About Us

BCRO - Bergen County Republican Organization

The Bergen County Republican Organization is made up of elected Republican County Committee persons and elected local, county and state legislators.

BCRO Meetings

The BCRO holds meetings on the second Tuesday or Thursday of the month, September through November, and February through June, unless otherwise noted or a special meeting is called.   Regular meetings are held at our Hackensack headquarters, located at 339 Main Street, starting at 7:00 pm.

Meetings are “open” to guests of our county committee members, unless noted by the Chairman due to organization business or if a “closed” meeting is called.  County committee members and guests are asked to sign in at the reception table for every meeting.

Meetings follow guidelines set in our Bylaws.

BCRO Clubs

BCRO has several club organizations you may be interested in joining.  Each of these groups take a integral role in many of our local, county and statewide campaigns.  As you navigate the website you will find information on each of our club organizations.   We encourage you to contact the group leaders and to get involved!

BCRO County Committee

Why Should I become a County Committee representative?

County Committee representatives are elected to the municipal political party from local voting districts. The number of voting districts varies from town to town, based on population.  Each voting district or precinct has two Republican county committee persons to represent them. County Committee plays a key role in electing Republicans to every office. As a liaison to your community you have the opportunity to build personal relationships with Candidates and Party Leaders.

As a County Committee person you have the opportunity to attend Republican gatherings where you can meet and make friends with people who share a similar philosophy.  As a County Committee person you are taking an active role in retaining and strengthening the freedoms that make America great and you making a difference locally.

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