Volunteer for BCRO - Bergen County Republican Organization

Volunteer for BCRO

How to Get Involved With BCRO

There are several ways you can become involved with the BCRO and help the Republican Party in the largest county in New Jersey. The BCRO is always in need of people willing to be active in their community and support issues and candidates. You can help by hosting house parties for local and county-wide candidates; putting up a candidate lawn sign; attending a county freeholder or municipal government meeting to voice your concerns; or being active in social media on behalf of Bergen County Republicans.

Join the County Committee

Republican County Committee representatives are elected to the municipal political party from local voting districts. The number of voting districts varies from town to town, based on population.  Each voting district or precinct has two Republican county committee persons to represent them. County Committee plays a key role in electing Republicans to every office. As a liaison to your community, you have the opportunity to build personal relationships with candidates and party leaders. As a County Committee person, you have the opportunity to attend Republican gatherings where you can meet and make friends with people who share a similar philosophy.  County Committee people are the backbone of the party and they take an active role in helping to expand and strengthen the freedoms that make America great.
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