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Welcome to the Bergen County Republican Organization

The BCRO is the official Republican organization of Bergen County. Our mission is to elect Republicans to county, state and municipal offices; and to serve our members and elected Republican officials. But our purpose is not limited to work on behalf of candidates or BCRO members. Our objective is to be a resource for all Republicans in Bergen County and help them to advance the cause of Republicanism. Any registered Republican in the county or anyone who supports Republican positions is welcome to contact the BCRO and share their thoughts and ideas with us. Contact BCRO

Who is the BCRO?

The Bergen County Republican Organization is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life and various ethnicities, races and religious beliefs. They are united by their conviction that electing Republicans to office better serves our communities and our country. They include Young Republicans in their teens and twenties; moms and dads in mid-life and senior citizens who continue to fight for their Republican beliefs.

What Does the BCRO Stand For?

The BCRO stands for the American values that have made our nation the greatest on earth. We believe is smaller, less intrusive and less costly government. We believe that people have the right to self-determination and that government should not dictate to its citizens. We believe that it is our government’s obligation to protect and serve American citizens above all others. We stand with our veterans and honor their bravery and commitment to our nation. We believe in the benefits of hard work and that people – not governments - are entitled to reap the reward of that hard work. Governments do not create prosperity, the ingenuity of courageous of men and women do. We believe as Daniel Webster and John Marshall so poignantly said: “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” Nowhere is that truer than in New Jersey.

Being a Republican in New Jersey

Championing Republican values and candidates in a very Blue State is not easy; but it is necessary. There are few other states in the nation that better exemplify the damage that is done when liberal ideology becomes government policy than New Jersey. Bigger, more costly government; over-regulation of business and government intrusion into people’s lives; and constantly rising taxes and fees have brought New Jersey to the brink of financial ruin. Thanks to the policies of liberal Democrats, New Jersey has one of the worst business reputations and the highest property taxes in the nation; along with one of the country’s largest debt burdens. Given these facts it is not surprising that companies are moving their businesses to states with lower taxes and less regulation and they are taking their good paying jobs with them. Middle Class people and young adults are fleeing New Jersey because they know that no matter how hard they work, they cannot afford to live comfortably under Democratic rule in New Jersey. The BCRO is fighting to reverse the disastrous course that Democrats have put New Jersey on. If you believe in the crucial need for Bergen County and New Jersey to reverse course and in taking a stand for hard working families, young adults and senior citizens, please join us. Volunteer for BCRO

Donate to Bergen County Republican Organization

The primary sources of funding for Democrats in New jersey those who have a vested interest in more government spending. Public sector unions, trial lawyers, and various left-wing organizations are the main sources of campaign donations for Democrats. The BCRO relies heavily on individuals from all walks of life who want to support the American values of freedom, liberty and self-determination. You can help by contributing $25, $35, $50 or more to the BCRO.