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BCRO - Bergen County Republican Organization
BCRO Chairman - Jack Zisa - Bergen County Republican Organization

Message from BCRO chairman Jack Zisa

Welcome to the BCRO website. As BCRO chairman I am proud to stand with the many thousands of county residents who believe in the greatness of America. I am honored to be chosen to lead the fight for Republicans in Bergen County and I invite anyone who supports Republican values to join us. Philosophically I stand with those who want limited government and low taxes. I am opposed to government intervention into every aspect of our lives.

As a businessman I know our economy is built on the freedom that we enjoy as Americans. It is freedom that cultivates the individual creativity and inventiveness that creates good paying jobs. High taxes and government over-regulation are strangling our economy in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey. Businesses are leaving the state. Property taxes are crushing Bergen County families and yet the Democratic Party is ceaseless in its pursuit of more taxpayer money. I believe it is a horrific failure of government officials to sit by and watch hard working people forced to leave this state because it is just too expensive.

Republicans can change Bergen County for the better – and with your support we will.

Please browse our website to learn more about the BCRO and how you can help join the battle to protect American values starting right here in Bergen County.

Thank You,
Jack Zisa

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